Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Google's Quality Update - Is Your Website Ready?

For several years, I've enjoyed a partnership with the fine folks at SiteQuest Technologies, the creators of a tool called SQWatcher. While originally developed to help regulated businesses (like banks, where I spend a majority of my time) automatically archive page content and updates, with the recent announcement of Google's "Quality Update," one of the added benefits of the system is that it's looking at ALL of the website resources - and now provides even more value for users given the Google announcement.

Why is this important? Well for starters, the SQWatcher tool provides customers with their own personal "time machine" and the ability to go back in time and view any page at a point in the past to have accurate record of updates and site changes. For regulated businesses like banks, this is a requirement, as they need to be able to produce versions of past pages for examiners and compliance purposes. With SQWatcher in place, this happens "auto-magically" every single day.

Since the system crawls all of the site's resources as part of the archive process, they have the unique ability to "see everything" and catch broken links, orphaned files and other problems that would trigger negative consequences with Google's recent update. The best part is current users of the SQWatcher service already have this information at their fingertips - without any additional cost or effort on their part!

Recently SiteQuest posted an article on the update and I suggest you hop over to check it out. It further explains the SQWatcher service and how it can be a valuable tool for website owners to ensure quality of their site's resources. You can even sign up for a two-week trial (no strings attached) and be sure to tell 'em Eric sent you!

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