Sunday, February 19, 2006

New Addition(s) to the Family

Aah, puppy breath... Greetings web-friends. Yes, the long awaited day finally arrived and we brought home a little brother for Ally last week. His name is Ryder and he is in the adorable "fluffball" stage right now. What a cutie! He was born on Christmas Eve, which has special significance to Alicia and me, as you may know from my postings about the loss of Dutch. Ally is getting along quite well with the little guy and they are quickly becoming buddies. I have created an index of pictures online if you want to check out some more shots of the little guy. Visit and check 'em out.

But you said "Additions"... Yes, I did. In preparation for my June 100 mile mountain bike race for charity, I decided to upgrade my equipment and replace my 10-year old mountain bike with some new technology. My new Cannondale Rush should be here by March and am looking forward to throwing my leg over the new ride and taking it out for a spin. This is the same bike that Cannondale's David "Tinker" Juarez is now riding for his endurance events, so if it's good enough for him, it's got to be good enough for me! Thanks also to Steve & Mike from Team Active, in Battle Creek. They took the time to help me pick the right size and make sure that it's gonna fit me perfectly. A hundred miles is a LONG time to be on a mountain bike, so a good fit is very important! They are also supporting my Pedaling With A Purpose event in June with $25 Team Active gift cards for anyone that donates $100 or more. You guys rock!

However, those of you who have been in my basement know that I'm kind of a bike junkie. Some would say that it looks like a bike shop down there, with four (soon to be five) mountain bikes, three road bikes and a road tandem. Of course, my wife claims one of the mountain and road bikes, but still, we have a lot of bikes. Well, I figured there's room for one more and we have an addition to the stable. I've brought home a LeMond Poprad cyclocross bike for winter road training. While it looks like a regular road bike, it's designed with a beefier frame, better brakes and can be taken off road on trails. The tires are wider than a traditional road bike, making it the perfect training bike for Michigan's crappy roads (gotta love potholes if you're gonna live in Michigan).

So, can't type much more, I have to go play with our new puppy and then get out on a training ride. I've got a big race in June, ya know...


California Friend said...

Congratulations on both of your new additions Eric, but ESPECIALLY the furry one! Ryder is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! I know you'll enjoy every minute you have with him! SO glad that Ally is adjusting well too, but I knew she would-she knows she's loved & that this new baby isn't taking her place!! Besides, I'm sure she misses Dutch! I know he's smiling down on you. (Dogs DO smile, you know!!) Speaking of Dutch, I think he probably likes the fact that he's been added to Christi's Clubhouse!! Looking forward to watching Ryder grow up here on the blog!

Now get on that bike & start conditioning!! ;-)

Pat in CA

California Friend said...


Great shots & what a super movie!!

Anonymous said...

Ryder is adorable! Wonderful to hear that your fur children are getting along so well. The pictures and video are just precious.

100 miles? Jeez I'm feeling tired already :)

Will check back soon

Anna (Christi Prayer Warrior)

Katie Weaver said...

YOU ARE WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!! The Thomas family is Blessed to have such a wonderful supporter and friend. I am so glad I checked your blog today and found this out. It brought tears to my eyes. God Bless YOU and your family Eric.
Harriet's Mom

Cheryl Scott said...

Hi Eric!

I didn't realize you were a "bike junkie"...I would have figured you to have a collection of computers and "stuff" like that! Very cool!

As you can tell from the way I'm built, I don't really know one bike from another (although I"m working on that now that I have access to a gym, thank goodness)...but, I'll take your word for the fact that you've now got the perfect machine to ride for your amazing bike ride this summer. Outstanding!

Ryder is a real cutie-pie! I'm sure his presence has helped fill the void in your home after losing Dutch. No doubt Ally is enjoying having another four-legged companion to "hang" with while you and Alicia are working.

My best to you and your family. Good luck as you continue to train for your big ride.

Hey, btw, are you considering heading back to Madison this summer for the GSB executive sessions? They recommended them for approx. 3 years after graduating from GSB. Or, maybe it would be good to coordinate that "appearance" with Shayne's ability to attend, as well. That would be awesome, wouldn't it?

Take care,

Cheryl Scott

The Binary Biker said...

Hey Cheryl... Thanks for the posting. I won't be making it to GSB this year, but would like to in the next couple of years and hook up with the "old gang". Would be nice if we could all time it with Shayne so that we wouldn't have to carry around a broom in his absence. Those of you reading this that were at GSB will know what I'm talking about.