Sunday, January 15, 2006

Pedaling With a Purpose

I have started training for Michigan's only 100-mile mountain bike race, called the Lumberjack 100. The big event is scheduled for June 17th and is affectionately known as the "Big M'fer". Oh, this is going to be fun... Why, might you ask, would anyone want to pedal a bicycle for 100 miles, let alone on singletrack, in the woods, up and down hills, etc...?

While I have wanted to get back into racing (and whip my butt back into top shape), I am also doing this with a greater benefit. I've decided to tie in my race with a fundraising effort and have selected the Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation as the recipient.

I won't even try to go into explaining "what" Neuroblastoma is, other than it's a very rare (and deadly) form of childhood cancer. In my "spare" time, I'm the webmaster for, and if you are interested in learning more you can stop by for a visit (and an education).

I'm working on an online contribution page and will soon have that available where you can make your donation. I'll also be putting updates online about my training progress, fundraising efforts and such, so keep checking back.

Until next time...


the Thomas team said...

Wow! This is absolutely incredible, Eric! You go boy!!! What a wonderful thing!!

Love, Angela (Christi's Mom)

Patroclus6 said...

This all looked really interesting until I saw the Single Speed requirement for the lumberjack 100. Yowza! I really dig mountain biking, but don't think I could do single speed off-road biking. Have you done it before? What kind of bike? You're a better man than me trying something like this! Best of luck!

The Binary Biker said...

I WISH I had the legs to complete a 100-mile mountain bike ride on a single speed. Nah, I'll be on a "regular" mountain bike and have the luxury of gears. That area is way to hilly to be in one gear the entire 100 miles (ouch)!

I have raced some 12-hour rides before, solo and on a team, and have completed the 24-hour challenge on my road bike before (but, it's been a while).

I'm picking up a new mountain bike this year and likely will be purchasing the new Cannondale Rush (Team Replica model). It's designed for "epic" rides like this and Tinker has been riding it in his 12/24 hour races.

Check back for updates. I'll be posting more information on the race soon with information on how to sponsor me and make a donation to CNCF. See ya online (or, on the trail)...

Patroclus6 said...

See now, I was feeling all good about my Specialized Stumpjumper, which was an upgrade 4 years ago from my gary fisher kai tai (which, heavy as that beast was, was a fun bike until it's frame got bent when it tangled with a car wash door). But now, well, that cannondale is one nice bike! You'll have to post pictures of it when you get it so the rest of us can live vicariously through you :)

Hey - can you make any recommendations for good off road trails in the area? I lived in Chicago for 12 years & loved Kettle Moraine (
I moved back to Marshall a couple of years ago & haven't found any trails in the area yet. I'd love to find some good trails that aren't a 90 minute drive.

And yes - let me know when you've got info on how to donate. We'd be happy to contribute.


The Binary Biker said...


For some of the best mountain biking around, head over to Fort Custer Recreation Area (on Dickman Road, past all the car dealerships, on the way to Agusta). There's over 25 miles of pretty kick-butt mountain bike trails.

The MMBA does a great job at keeping the trails in tip-top shape and there is an organized ride Thursday evenings (I think), but there's always people over there riding. When you stop by the MMBA's site, be sure to check out their trail Guide for some other cool places to ride in Michigan.

Since I'll be "training" much more on the mountain bike this year, maybe we can hook up for a ride. There are a few of us "Marshall-ites" that will be headed over at least a couple of times per week.

Patroclus6 said...

Thanks very much for the information - good news on the local biking! And yes - I'd love to find some people to ride with in the area, so just shoot me an email when you're going.
Have a great day,

nikki the red said...

is there a way to post pictures in blogger's comment section?? i made this image for christi:

eric--thank you for all that you do to help the thomas team!

The Binary Biker said...


Any photos have to be posted by Angela to her blog, but I will be sure to let her know that this is out there for her to check out. She can go to the URL you have sent in your comment to check it out. Thanks for your support of the Thomas Team!