Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Some Banks Have a "Howling Good Time" on Facebook This Halloween

Isabella Bank turned their Halloween post
into a "find the logo" game and encouraged
visitors to find their logo. Heck, I was just
trying to figure out how to eat the screen!
In between visits to the candy dish to refill on candy corn (my vice this time of year - so kudos to Isabella Bank), I've been keeping an eye on my Facebook wall and noticed more banks supporting Halloween this year by dressing up at the office. Of course, it could just be that more banks are on Facebook this year and I know they are dressing up, but whatever the case it, it's good to see my banker friends get "in the spirit" (yeah, pun intended there... sorry) and have some fun this year.

I like the fact that bankers are using Facebook to show their "human" side and let their customers and community know they can have some fun. While not everything is rosy in the world of banking thanks to the increased regulatory burden many banks are having to deal with (just ask a bank president and I'm sure s/he will be happy to let you know all about it), it appears as if just for today the folks below are having more fun than usual.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Who Says Social Networking Doesn't Work?

Recently I had an experience involving LinkedIn that spurred a thought and inspired me to share the story with you here. As you may suspect from the title of this post, my story is going to have something to do with "proof" that time vested in social networking can reap rewards for you, even when you least expect it. Here's the story...

Last week a couple of my international WSI colleagues who know my love of the banking sector shared a link to a PricewaterhouseCoopers report entitled "The New Digital Tipping Point" and how banking is facing the steepest challenge in over a generation. The report suggests that a new tipping point has been reached and the fulcrum is the shift towards going digital. Great information, so I decided to share "socially" and send it along to my connections.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Support for Child Cancer Fundraiser - I Need Your Help

Below is the text of an e-mail that I just sent out to help announce/promote my fundraising effort to help keep the memory of Christi Thomas alive. Feel free to follow the links to make a donation or learn more!

Christi is my inspiration to help raise money
to find a cure to child cancer.
We miss and love you Christi!
Greetings Everyone...

This message is going out to friends and family to make sure that you're aware of my upcoming event to help raise money in the fight against childhood cancer. Many of you are familiar with Christi Thomas ( and and her fight, and eventual loss, to Neuroblastoma. This rare form of child cancer continues to rob families of their little ones and my hope is that every penny I help to raise for the cause will help to get them that much closer to a cure so nobody has to suffer the loss of their child.

Alicia and I just spent the weekend in Ohio with the "Thomas Team" and had an amazing time. Shayla, Christi's "little sister" is now 13 years old and has turned in to an amazing young lady. We spent an entire day on Kellys Island in Lake Erie with our bikes, riding around and enjoying the time together. However, each time we are together I cannot help but think what Christi would be like if she was still with us. Several times while on the Island we were able to overlook Cedar Point, which was one of our favorite spots (because I was the only one brave enough to go on all the roller coasters with Christi). It got me thinking about my upcoming event and wanted to send out a note and ask for your support.

Monday, April 02, 2012

First Race of the Season and Mobile Marketing in Seattle

This weekend I finished my first race of the season and competed in the Lowell 50 Gravel Road Race. I won't go into too much detail here, but you can hop over to the WSI Cycling site and check out my race report for the "nitty-gritty" details. All being said, I was very pleased with my results and ended up taking 5th place in my age group. Normally I race against fellow "large guys" in the Clydesdale division (200 lbs. and over), but being a relatively new race they simply don't have the numbers to justify the category. It was good to see that I can still "hold my own" - even with some of the "skinny guys" and the four of us from the team all had great showing.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Getting the Most out of LinkedIn for Business Success

This past week, one of my clients (Heartland Bank) sponsored the first ever 610 WTVN Business Power Hour (news talk radio). I was the featured speaker for the event and was able to provide several tips for attendees on how to get the most out of their LinkedIn efforts. Below are just a few of the “nuggets” that I shared during my presentation. Hope you like it...

With over 135 million users registered, LinkedIn is the world’s leading social network dedicated to the success of businesses. Much like a “resume on steroids”, there are several different aspects to realizing success with your LinkedIn efforts. If you’re not using LinkedIn yet, you better get on the bandwagon. Businesses of all sizes are using this social network to connect, communicate and do business together!

Ensure that Your Profile is 100% Complete

Whether you’re just getting started or have had a LinkedIn profile for some time, be sure that your at 100% Complete. This means, according to LinkedIn, you have all the necessary information in your profile that includes things such as your current position, education, recommendations, etc. Not only will LinkedIn see you as being complete, those visiting your profile will have access to a wealth of information about you (which can help them decide if they want to connect with you down the road).

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Be Sure to Get Your Lobster Stamp…

I love it when someone goes “above and beyond” during the normal course of business and makes me sit back and say “wow”. During a recent trip to Maine, I had one of those moments that I’d like to share.

On the cab ride from Portland to Freeport (the conference was held at the Harraseeket Inn), Dan from AB Cab, and I had a very enjoyable conversation and we chatted about the area. This was my first time to Maine (and unfortunately was not going to be able to spend much time there), but he talked about all the great things to do if I ever came back. Spending money at the L.L. Bean store would be top on my list (they’re open 24 hours, you know) as well as being able to enjoy some of the local seafood.

Well, speaking of seafood… when we arrived at the Inn, Dan wanted to make sure that I got my “Lobster Stamp” for my boarding pass on the return flight back home. Of course, I took the bait and asked “what’s a Lobster Stamp?” Dan went on to tell me that due to government regulation and environmental concerns, the local lobstermen were required to replace all their rope with special rope that sinks so as to not entangle other marine live. They also had to update all of their lobster traps and several other “requirements” that had made it very expensive to be in the lobster business.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Solving Problems Remotely With Technology

Jing logoJing's "Magic Ball". Image via WikipediaOk, I'm a bad blogger... I know it's been "more than a while" since my last post and apologize for the lapse. The good news is that I've had a very busy summer, working on customer projects and traveling to present at conferences. As a business owner, keeping busy during these "challenging economic times" is a blessing and I'm grateful for the opportunities that I've had these past several months.

As I was contemplating what wisdom to share with my "return" blog post, I recently had an experience with a client that was having problems with their e-mail, which I was able to solve (remotely) thanks to a great free tool that I've talked about before... Jing. This program from the folks at TechSmith gives you the ability to capture screenshots and videos right from your desktop and quickly share them out to one person or many people with just a couple clicks of your mouse. Here's what happened...