Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Some Banks Have a "Howling Good Time" on Facebook This Halloween

Isabella Bank turned their Halloween post
into a "find the logo" game and encouraged
visitors to find their logo. Heck, I was just
trying to figure out how to eat the screen!
In between visits to the candy dish to refill on candy corn (my vice this time of year - so kudos to Isabella Bank), I've been keeping an eye on my Facebook wall and noticed more banks supporting Halloween this year by dressing up at the office. Of course, it could just be that more banks are on Facebook this year and I know they are dressing up, but whatever the case it, it's good to see my banker friends get "in the spirit" (yeah, pun intended there... sorry) and have some fun this year.

I like the fact that bankers are using Facebook to show their "human" side and let their customers and community know they can have some fun. While not everything is rosy in the world of banking thanks to the increased regulatory burden many banks are having to deal with (just ask a bank president and I'm sure s/he will be happy to let you know all about it), it appears as if just for today the folks below are having more fun than usual.

I'm also excited to see bankers leveraging social channels like Facebook to help the rest of the world experience the fun. Like I said at the beginning, I'm not sure if it's really more banks are dressing up this year or just the mere fact that more are using Facebook to promote it... but regardless these are all the right things to be doing.

Sure, dressing up like a pirate or zombie might not convince someone to come in and open a checking account or apply for a mortgage right away, but it's all about setting the expectation and supporting a brand. People want to do business with those they know, like and trust and if you see your banker(s) having some fun and it puts a smile on your face, that certainly can't help their cause. Besides, if you visit the office to see them in person they may just give you some candy corn (or other tasty treat). That's worth it to me!

Check out some of the banks that I've found on my wall. If there are others businesses (and banks) that you've found who also dressed up, leave their name and information in the comments. I'd love to check 'em out!


Citizens National Bank of Cheboygan

Bank of Ann Arbor

First Reliance Bank

Farmers & Merchants State Bank

Landmark Bank

The Hardin County Bank

FNB Bank

Paducah Bank

Bank of Lancaster

Citizens Federal Savings & Loan Association

Sturgis Bank
Plus, I found one bank that actually changed their cover photo, using pictures that customers and members of the community sent them of their pumpkin carving skills. Check it out below... very cool!

Isabella Bank

Note: My apologies to many of my "banker buddies" that dressed up and I missed the mention. I tried to get as many as I could, so if you got left out it certainly wasn't intentional!
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