Sunday, November 30, 2008

Perfect Timing...

After staying in all day Friday (while Alicia took off with her sister and mother to do some shopping), we decided to take advantage of the perfect weather on Saturday and get outside and play lumberjack. We had a few trees fall in the woods by our house and were in need of some good firewood, so we loaded up the chainsaw and headed out for the day. Hard to believe that we used to spend 6+ hours at a crack outside cutting and burning when we were preparing to build the house. After about three hours we were toast, but got a lot accomplished in that short amount of time.

Alicia stacked wood we got from a buddy who had some trees dropped at his house, but the wood won't be good to burn until next year. Yeah, I'm pretty lucky my wife's not afraid to get out and roll up her sleeves and "play" outside. The weather was perfect and considering it snowed all day today, we had perfect timing when we decided to work outside.

Speaking of snow, it's beautiful here in the woods with the fresh snow. We got the kind that sticks to the trees, so it looks like a Hallmark card out our back door right now. I made a fire this morning and literally hung out all day working on website projects. While it would have been nice to get outside again, I'm still pretty sore from my "woodsman" activities yesterday. I'm not complaining, however - I love splitting wood and being outdoors. In fact, when we were clearing our lot for the house five years ago, I often times would return to work on Monday wishing I was still outside in my Carhartts running the chainsaw.

This week should be a good one, with visits to Troy, Southfield, Kalamazoo, Lansing, Battle Creek and a few other miscellaneous appointments in Marshall as well. Looks like I'll be adding a few new projects to the list this week, which is a good thing. I have a few projects that need some attention getting ready for year-end, so I'll be balancing the "old and the new" this week making sure that current customers get the attention they deserve.

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