Saturday, March 29, 2008

Old Man Winter Won't Let Go...

Ok people, it's just about April 1st and we got yet another blanket of snow on Friday. The photo here was taken of our driveway on the way out for the day, and you can see that Spring still has yet to make its formal arrival. Good news is that it warmed up later in the day and most of what you see here is gone. Knowing the water levels for area lakes (even Lake Michigan) have been down over the past several years, I guess this much snow will be a good thing come summer time.

Time Trial - Go Team!
I'm hoping to hear some good results from our Team members for tomorrow's Time Trial in Grand Rapids. While the weather hasn't exactly been the best for training, we have a few of our team headed over for 17 miles of fun at the Fisk Knob TT. I did it last year and can tell you the hill at the end is a doozy! Sure felt good on the start (zipping down at 35+ mph), but since it's an out and back you always have in the back of your mind that when you are just about 99% "empty" you have one last climb. Ouch!

Hoping to get out tomorrow for another ride. I got in 40 today, took the 'cross bike over to Fort Custer to check out the trails. Still a bit muddy and hopefully once all this snow stops and we get some consistent sunshine it will dry up the trail and I can get out and start doing some riding. The Lumberjack 100 gets closer every day and my Pedaling with a Purpose fundraising effort is coming along. I sure could use the support, so if you haven't don so already, stop on over and consider making a contribution. It's for a great cause and I'd appreciate the support.

Hugging the Ogre
This week I sent out my March newsletter and featured my first podcast on SEO (search engine optimization). While it's not exactly a professional recording, I was very pleased at how it turned out. I interviewed James Brown (no, not the Godfather of Soul), who is WSI Web Words international project manager. The title of the recording is "Hugging the Ogre" and talks about the strategies WSI uses to get search engines to pay attention to our client's websites. Check it out if you're curious about learning more about SEO.

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Olivia said...

I hope the weather has improved for you, Eric. It is pretty frustrating. We've been having a lot of rain here in NYC which means no running for me. I'll have to invest in a treadmill, I guess, but it's not nearly as fun as actually being outside!

Good luck with the fundraising. The CNCF is a wonderful cause!

Happy Friday,